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The melody is in my heart, the harmony is in my life.
Those of you who need to know where I am, know. Those of you who don't know, must not need to know. See you on the flipside.
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The Bishop of Phoenix is at it again. God forbid you support gay rights or anything that the Catholic church does not in the Diocese of Phoenix. Because if you do, you might get fired from your position as pastor. Or you might not be allowed to speak at a Catholic church in the Diocese of Phoenix, even if you are the frigging governor of the state. This is because that might be providing them with "a platform which would suggest support for their actions". Gee, I thought this was a free country and you had a right to your opinion. I guess you don't in the Catholic churches of the diocese of Phoenix. Even if you're only there to speak on something that has absolutely nothing to do with anything that is against the church and might actually be something the church is supporting. So much for open dialogue. Not in Bishop Olmsted's church. So, people of the Diocese of Phoenix, take this as fair warning. If you are gay or support gay rights, you better watch your back. The bishop may be coming after you next.
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My daughter spent at least a half an hour of her day today laying on her tummy trying to blow raspberries on her hand. It was the funniest thing I've ever seen. She got the bed pretty wet with all the drool. At least it was her daddy's side!

(Did I mention we are still stuck in the bedroom because of the tile? :P)
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....open mouthed slobbery kisses on the cheek from your 8 month old daughter. :)
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Dear Baby Girl,

Today you are 8 months old. In some ways, it seems like just yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital, but you have grown up so much since then, it's hard to remember how tiny and helpless you were. Read more...Collapse )
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Do The Wiggles outfits remind anyone else of the uniforms on the original Star Trek?

Update: I was thinking this thought as I was watching The Wiggles on Regis and Kelly and then Regis said almost exactly the same thing! Ha!
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So, my inbox had 4000+ messages in it this morning. Think it's about time I cleaned it out? Yikes. I'm down to 3600+ now. And I'm making a resolution that when I get it empty again I am going to do better from now on. eek.
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Why, God, oh why...
Did you create the fly?

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This is what the room looked like Thursday morning after we cleaned it out Wednesday to prepare for the tile to be laid:
Before the Tile Came - Another View Before the Tile Came

This is what it looked like Thursday afternoon:
Look!  Tile!

This is what it looked like Friday afternoon:
More Tile!

And Friday evening:
Wow!  It's Tile!

Today they are working on finishing the main field in the music room and hall and some of the cuts. So still a lot to be done. It's about 1300 sq ft of tile, and tons of angles, so it's not a quick job. But we're getting tile! Hurray!
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Lord help us, we are trying to pick out a paint color for the kitchen, because you know, since the whole frigging kitchen is torn out right now anyway, we may as well paint it and install cabinets and countertops. Right? This should be fun. Not. But some day it will be pretty. I hope. *sigh*
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